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  Lloyd D. Murray, Sr. - Attorney at Law  

Located in the Station Xchange, across from City Hall in Richmond Hill, the law office of Lloyd D. Murray, Sr. represents clients in general matters including the areas of Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Criminal Defense, DUI, Family Law/Divorce, Juvenile Law, Military Law and Corporate Law.

We pride ourselves on giving each of our clients a personal touch, dedicating time and attention to your case, and providing you with access to your attorney at all times. Our attorneys can assist you with any lawsuit before any court of the State of Georgia, including the Court of Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court. Additionally, the firm can represent you before the local Federal and Military court.

Your case is important to us! Our attorneys are available at your convenience and offer a free consultation to discuss whatever legal problems you may have. If you have been arrested, served legal papers, or have any legal issues, it is important that you receive legal advice and act immediately. Call today and schedule an appointment so that we can help you!